welcome to Gracehavenglobal

Raising people of supernatural excellence

put your faith your faith into action today and let your actions be fueled by your faith. there is notting impossible for God to do.

Get in torch with christ today and get ready to see your life change

Our Vision

raise a generation of supernatural excellent people who will subdue and make positive impact around the globe, for commitment to add value to lives.

Our People

people are spiritualy inclined and positively impacting everything and everyone they come across with a touch of excellence and power of the supernatural. they live and operate as the leaders.

Church Mission

empower lives with the teaching of the word of grace and faith, making positive and lasting transformations in the society and excercise dominion in all feilds of life.

Core Values

core values is coined from the acrnm ‘PEAR’ were:
P-punctuality E-excellence A-accountability R-respect L-love.

How can we help you to be happier

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what are the challenges you’re facing today, we are families in the body of christ feel free come and talk with us.

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Books with scripture insight

knowledge of the word which God has given too us through the bible come and get hands on books giving you insight on God’s revelations to us 

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Rivival programs
& Talks

follow dedicated revival programs we hold from time to break the hold of the devil in our lives every season.

An amazing relationship with god leads to the life filled with all round forfillment.

Lori Bryson

Welcome to Church

The scripture decleres it is not by power nor by might but but by God’s spirit. these words from the scripture clearly described our position in Grace as we celebrate our years of grace in ministry, we are excited and full of joy seeing what God is doing amongst us. Words connot fully express how we feel. God who alone deserves all the glory has used everyone in grace haven and our partners around the world to push this great and strategic work to the level it is today.

While we thank God for all the materia provisions and ceaseless supplies we are experiencing, we are most grateful for the lives God is using us to positivly impact through the word of grace and faith. supernatural excellent people are being raised amongst us . some are pastors today while others are serving in different leadership position in different locations.

As you identify in celebrating this vision with us, the God of this commission will decorate your life, family and your carrer with ceaseless grace and honour at all times.

Our people

we are happy to say that God has bless us with great men and women to share in his great works for his people

grace haven has a real desire and heart for ministry within the body of christ join us today to give all praise to God almigty.
pastor edith waya
the greater your knowlege of the goodness and grace of God in your life, the more likely you're to praise him in storm.
deacon tommy mewe
we are happy to see the transformation of God's people today, and to be a part of the blessings also.
get in touch with christ today and get ready to see your life change, we are happy to meet with you
deacon obonyano alfred.o